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The Kerr Commitment

When you choose Kerr Developments you’re choosing a builder who will make your dreams a reality. Your dream will become a beautiful home that combines your own personal touch with our expertise and quality craftsmanship. At Kerr Developments we take pride in our continuous, close involvement in every aspect of your home’s development. We believe in building the best home possible for each of our clients and we deliver through our commitment and dedication. Every little detail is important to us and we promise to accommodate your special needs and requests. Our expertise in the building industry allows us to create the perfect home that will embody your dreams while providing for all of your needs. We take pride in putting the Kerr name on all the homes we build, just as you and your family will take pride in living in your Kerr home. Call Kerr Developments today at 519-933-8367 to start building a home that combines your personal touch with ours.

Dave & Lynn Campbell

Our recent purchase of a Kerr Developments custom built home was a very exciting and enjoyable experience. Randy’s detail and quality is second to none. We had other homes built for us but none compare to this home. Randy is always ready to meet your changing plans and never hesitates to suggest design improvements or alternatives. Take the worry out of your next home purchase! Pick Kerr Developments.

Peter & Donna Murray

We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship and attention to detail in our home. Although we have not required much after service our calls have been handled promptly and efficiently and to our complete satisfaction. We would gladly recommend Kerr Homes to anyone and would not hesitate investing in one again.

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